No Two Sessions the Same...

Behind the Scenes of Building a Session Idea

While classic portraiture is a standard offering at my studio I am also known for creative set building.   I love to go "down the rabbit hole" looking for inspiration to create a unique experience that results in beautiful art for your home.  The following images from this series "Baby Hatter"  have even been registered at to ensure they stay unique to this client.  

hatter baby orig.

This session was the 3rd in an ongoing theme with a client. The first session was done when the oldest daughter was a newborn and we did "Baby Hatter".  I did another version when she was two and then mom had a new baby sister the next year.  I needed to think about how to expand our next session to include new baby sister and this teacup gave me the perfect idea! 


I decided that we could add a baby "dormouse" to the set as a way to celebrate the arrival of the new baby sister.  So I had to figure out a way to create a large teacup that could safely be used to include the new little one.  After a good bit of searching I was able to find a planter that I felt I could transform into a teacup.  


To add an extra bit of "Alice" fun, I covered the inside with pages from an old Alice in Wonderland book.  I then added gold paint to the trim to emulate a porcelain teacup. 


I then added it to the overall scene.  I photographed the newborn separately from big sister for safety purposes.  Baby's  safety is always the priority.  

Here is the final image. 

hatter baby