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Photography in East Texas

Celebrate this Moment with Newborn Photography

Your baby is beautiful! Her scrunched face, pudgy arms, tiny fingers, and perfect ears are all worthy of intense study. However, time is fleeting and they will be crawling across the floor before you can blink! Becky Koesel at Koesel Photography can capture this precious moment with newborn photography. Your session begins with a phone call or meeting where Becky gets to know you, your baby, and your sense of design and fashion. The picture will reflect the peace and intensity of bringing a newborn into your life. Becky works to capture deliberate, beautiful moments, rather than capturing hundreds of images to fill a photo album.

An Exclusive Studio Photography in East Texas

Welcome to the studio.  The studio is stocked with beautiful wardrobe and props for the perfect session.  Becky is known for set building skills. Bring your dream storybook ideas or ask her to help you create one! 

More than a Baby's Smile

How often have you watched them fight to stay awake? Does he always try to suck on the ear of his stuffed toy? Becky knows just how to capture the image at the precise moment to generate years of ooohs and aaahhhs when your friends see the portrait hung in your home. We will take all the time needed for that perfect mix of light, color, and baby cuteness to emerge They will know you hired an artist!

Baby won't stay small for long! Call Koesel Photography today to reserve your newborn photography session. It is best to try to book at least 4-6 weeks before you are due to secure the perfect date.   

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